Bella, The Patriot Electric Services Mascot

Bella the Patriot Electric Services mascot is a Pitt-Curr Mix.  She is 4 years old, and belongs to the owner, Brad Morris. Bella goes everywhere with Brad.  Everywhere!  She goes on a lot of adventures with Brad also.  Fishing, hunting, you name it.  If Brad does it, she does it.  She can go from riding in a boat, or climbing a ladder.  She occupies her time on the river by playing on sand bars for hours. Here at the office she can be caught lounging on her personal couch, playing with toys in the yard, giving all the guys love in the mornings, and there if she feels like it she will make herself known to strangers in a fierce and friendly way.  Barks at you then licks you. She has become a Facebook internet star.  Her post just laying around the office or playing, gets an average of 800 likes with about 2000 views.  That is saying something.  We post her at least 10 times a week.  She is a hit. We love Bella, and are grateful Facebook loves her too!